Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mat Staver Crazy Ass Quotes about Obama's Gay Agenda

This man is crazy and claims that Obama will bring upon a Gay Wrath on America if he's re-elected.

Check out some of these quotes:
“President Obama has pushed the radical homosexual agenda down through all of his agencies. He has appointed particular people who make sure that every agency promotes the LGBT agenda. This action is a direct result of President Obama’s radical anti-family, pro-homosexual agenda.”

“If Obama is elected, there won’t be any way to block it unless the House defunds the embassy. But it is not just the embassy that is involved; it is all the agencies in the Obama administration.”

“It is going to take some effort to make sure that the new administration is aware of these matters in order to address them. The problem is that Obama hasn’t been focusing on jobs or other matters of significance, but he has been driven by his ideological agenda.”
And there's more, check it out here

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Anonymous said...

The only crazy thing I see is people who are gay still hating the President after all he's done for their life style.

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