Thursday, September 29, 2011

WATCH: Herman Cain thinks Black Folks have been "Brainwashed" in rejecting GOP views

This is too laughable

Herman, you have been brainwashed in believing the crap you put out here


Daij said...

So, I'm close-minded and I don't think for myself, and I let others lead me around by the nose. Interesting.

kayman said...

Uh, I know way more white people that are 'brainwashed' by the regressive agenda than black people 'brainwashed' by the liberal agenda. I've seen and heard some white people make the most outlandish of claims about things and couldn't even justify them at all after watching and listening to the conservative demagoguery in the media.

I see what is going on, it's OK these days to call black people "sheep", but if somebody calls white people that then all hell breaks loose. Funny, how they want to generalize blacks so much these days when the shoe is actually on the other foot...

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