Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Rick Perry's NH Endorser, State Rep. Al Baldasaro

Perry got the endorsement of 27 New Hampshire's state legislators, including Al Baldasaro. So who is this man? Just watch this clip:

He's a big fan of the gays.Yeah, he's a keeper isn't he?



Bob said...

He talks a lot about having things shoved down his throat and then rolling over.

Makes me wonder, is he an asshat, or a closeted asshat?

Anonymous said...

After reviewing history some of this stuff was felt by some when Blacks and whites married. This is an out cry. He sucks!

Kyle Leach said...

He's an ultra conservative here in NH, not well spoken, and known for his broad leaps when making statements. We tried to get him removed over this very statement. Didn't get it. Not surprised that he is endorsing Perry.

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