Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somebody Lay Hands on Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell

Something isn't it?

Well check out some of the emails from Andrew, from Nelson's Blog...
From: Andrew Shirvell
Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Join Leon Drolet as He Leads Protest for Our Rights @ State Capital Tom To: redacted, redacted, redacted

You all are sick freaks. Absoluetly shameful, Leon. Your e-mail is beyond offensive. The grassroots will NEVER let you and your butt-buddies Tyler Whitney, Joe Sylvester, and James Justin(e) Wilson hijack our pro-life, pro-family party in pursuit of your PERVERTED radical homosexual agenda.

P.S. Justin(e), a persistant rumor in D.C. circles is that you and Illinois Log Cabin “Republican” Congress”man” Aaron Schock hooked-up together. Sick. Sick. SICK!!!!! Does your homosexual lover Steve know? Freak.

From: Andrew Shirvell
Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Join Leon Drolet as He Leads Protest for Our Rights @ State Capital Tom To: redacted, redacted, redacted

Miss Whitney: Shut the f—-up, f–. Got it? Good!

Also, for the record, what I do on my own time – during lunch or here at home – is my business. Stop trying to intimidate me and block my 1st Amendment right to speak out against your group’s wickedly insane agenda. You might remember a certain member of your group – Jason Vorva – sent out a disgusting hit piece about AG Cox last fall. So, if I were you or Justin(e), I’d shut the f—-up and stop your whining. I’m just so sick of your bull**** lies!! Your non-stop persecution of Christians like me, AG Cox, Paul Scott, and Glenn Clark is disgusting. Why are you even in the GOP? You’re nothing but a couple of perverted, spoiled rich kids who’d rather d— around than man-up.

That’s it; I’m done wasting my time with you two vermin.

Andrew Shirvell, Esq. “Never Underestimate the Motivation of a True Believer”

No, never underestimate the motivation of a True Believer.


Unknown said...

Scary and horrifying. That wretched excuse for a human being is exactly why he and his cohorts, including Christine O'Donnell, scare me. They hide behind their constitutional rights, trying to take away ours.

Judy C. Adanna said...

Trolls are always willing to talk that kind of shit on a blog, or when they are with a large group of like-minded people. The boys who drove that kid to suicide last week grow up to foam at the mouth on a hate blog.

Prince Todd said...

Isn't he gay too? He is givin it to me...
I'm just sayin.

Sara Davis said...

Wow. To me his demeanor was so reminiscent of the SNL defensive attorney. (way back in the 80's)

Where did all of his vitriol come from? Pretty pathetic really. Sad that he's in a public position.

WilsonW said...

Viktor, I have to wonder why this falls into the realm of cyber bullying, which is not currently prosecutable where this is occurring? But doesn't fall into the realm of defamation of character, which I am pretty sure it is. Especially when the author admits that he has no personal knowledge or proof of any of his allegations. Does he just not want to pursue legal action, or does he think along the lines of his reason for canceling the interview, that it would bring more attention to the SNL defense attorney that he doesn't want to give him?

Wonder Man said...

Personally, Andrew need that ass beaten

NG said...

Shirvell is the same guy who in 2005 went nuts over a gay rainbow sticker a storeowner placed on his door.

Ironically, a few activist bloggers had blogged that back then, but are now staying quiet on this and the fact that he may have also outed Aaron Shock, The Congressman who showed up at a White House BBQ with a pink shirt, white pants, and a turquoise belt.

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