Monday, February 1, 2010

Next on Obama's Smackdown Tour: Progressive LGBT Bloggers

After watching Obama address the GOP, I think he should address another group, the LGBT progressive bloggers.

This would be perfect because they have been the most critical of Obama for things that were understandable and for things that made no sense.

If I could, I would have John Aravosis, Pam Spauding, Dan Savage and David Mixner sitting across from him and let the 'speech' roll. Obama could thank them for their concerns, but call them out on their foolishness.

As y'all know I'm not a huge fan of these folks. Mostly because they were stirring up nothing but trouble, and had no solutions or real plans to strengthen the LGBT community. They were doing more harm than good sometimes, and when we needed inspiration, they provide bitterness and discord.

Obama can take some their issues, and address them truthfully and directly. They need to know the real impact of their claims and hear from the man himself.

I believe this event could:
  • Remind us why we voted for him
  • Reminds us that we need new voices in our community
  • Hold them accountable for their actions
  • Keep him on task about our issues
  • Keep us on the real, we need to remember that change is tough
I would give up Long John Silvers famous fish for this meeting. Their actions and words are not doing a thing for us. If he addressed them, maybe we would see that new leadership in the LGBT community is in order.

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Kyle Leach said...

V, you know I don't like this group either. I like your idea. I can envision it in a dream-like sequence. Unfortunately, I think the president will forge ahead without addressing this at all. Maybe that is for the best. He does have a tremendous plate, that is filled to the brim.

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