Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reasons why Hip Hop is dead...Zombie Dead

Reason one: Instead of tackling injustice, racism, lack of jobs or anything of real concern, the rap group, Thug Slaughter Force with members named Drama, Filthy, Tempa, Rebel, and Blanco the Don, are trying to stop...tight clothes.

Yes, when you thought T-Pain has sealed the fate of Hip Hop shut, this group supplies the glue to keep that way. These fools are walking the streets of Brooklyn in super big T-shirts with the words "Tight Clothes" with a red slashed through the words. This is their point of protest against the tighter-fitting outfits in the Hip-Hop game. The "No Tight Clothes" campaign is their latest idea in a decade of trying to make it in the rap game. Well guess what Thug failed!

Who's going to take this seriously? Nobody, and they should be banned for this foolishness. Especially with this as a beginning

"Slaughter General's Warning": "Wearing tight clothes by men may result in feminine tendencies, homosexuality, possible yeast infection, severe hemorrhoids, permanent wedgies, and genetically inherited transsexual characteristics in your son."

Hera, lay hands on them and Brooklyn.

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EMikeGarcia said...

This might possibly be the reason I will never listen to Hip-Hop again.

Just kidding.

But, its still fucking ridiculous.

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