Monday, June 23, 2008

Do we prefer the D-List?

When it comes to movies, music, celebs, TV shows, and reality shows, why do we (gays) tend to go for the worst of them. If it's gaudy, trashy, shirtless, tragic, and a hot mess we love it. Why is that? Why do we want that?

This doesn't apply to all of us, there are some who are creative and look for more. It's cool to root for the underdog, but when we are rooting for the underdog's poop, it's an issue.

I think it's scary that we're considered the bottom b***hes, or the last resort. When the boat is sinking everyone should get off. But some will stay until the very end, or when celebs' careers crash and burn.

It bothers me that the D-List is the gay A-List. It's like shopping at the Dollar General Store when you're a millionaire. I mean, you can, but you don't have to. So we should want more, and not settle for less.


Greg said...

I think many of us enjoy the D-List because it's full of outsiders and non-conformists. Trashy, gossipy, gaudy, wonderfully un-PC, willing to take risks and to stand proudly outside the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question. I've noticed that the gay male community does seem to have an unusual appreciation of the D-List. Maybe its because the D-List is kitschier?

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