Friday, June 27, 2008

She trying to change the world

A little girl, Jaiden Haber, wanted to make a change. So in the spirit of controversy she wore a shirt that read, "N the 'N' Word" and "It's time!"

Jaiden's mother, Karen, hoped this would encourage tolerance, instead it got her daughter sent to the principal's office. Later the district superintendent John Williams said:

"To send a little white girl wearing this shirt into a very diverse district that is almost 90 percent nonwhite was not the way to address this word," he said yesterday. "It's a lightning rod."

Well at least she tried, she could preparing to be a selfish teen-ager who wants her birthday on MTV. Maybe she can be social change leader. Let's not crush her daydreams.

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1 comment:

Butch said...

This is the typical myopic thinking of those in charge of the kids. There was nothing on that T-shirt that was offensive. Sigh...

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