Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Bronx in Crisis

I'm trying to understand this one here, health officials are trying to get doctors to offer HIV tests to every patient in a New York City community hit pretty hard by AIDS.

According to AP:
Under a new program announced Thursday, officials have set an ambitious goal of testing a quarter million adults in the Bronx, one of five boroughs that make up New York City, within three years.

So they want everyone in the Bronx to get tested, but why the Bronx? Well, AIDS killed 357 residents of that borough in 2006, about a third of all AIDS deaths in the city. Of the New Yorkers infected with HIV, more than 21,000 of them are in the Bronx.

Okay, but I'm not sure that targeting the Bronx this strongly is the best way. It's like saying that the reason why NYC has a epidemic is because of the Bronx. I see importance the initiative, but they should do more than pushing the test. There's a lack of education and some sense of compassion in the Bronx. What has happened in the Bronx that so many people are infected?
And what will change after this initiative is done? What are the plans to reverse the damage? I hope this plan really get to the heart of matter and truly save lives.

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