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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Look at the American Horror Story: Freak Show poster

Tempe, Arizona passes a Proposition protecting LGBT Employees

Cool news from Tempe, Arizona.

The Arizona city is the first in the state to ban discrimination against LGBT city workers.

Prop 475 passed quickly and effortlessly through the City Council, which is a good thing. And it makes perfect sense due the growing businesses and ASU being in Tempe. It will be interesting to see what the haters think.


Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas in a His New Film

This is a real movie... Why? Child, I couldn't tell you.

Say What? Megyn Kelly schools Bill O'Reilly on White Privilege? - WATCH

Michael Sam made it through the First Cut

Michael Sam is still on the St. Louis Rams' roster.

The team cut a lot players and luckily, Michael wasn't one of them. The first cut just took place in the last couple of days. The goal of these cuts is get them down to 75 players.

Sports experts said that Michael really shined after he posted two sacks against the Cleveland Browns last weekend. So far, during the preseason games, Michael has five tackles and three sacks.

So, I guess he's almost there. Keep trucking, Michael.

Oh, and on that showering report from ESPN? Well, they apologized for that mess.

Movies That Made Me Gay- A Night In Heaven

When I saw this film, I quickly fell hard for Christopher Atkins. I mean, I liked him in Blue Lagoon, but in this film... I LUST Him!

Like really lust him. He was so cute, dirty and that stripping scene almost killed me as a confused kid.

Let's watch the trailer and drool

Interesting Quote: Laverne Cox

"I feel so often that our oppressors are in a lot of pain. When someone needs to call someone else out for who they are and make fun of them, it's because they don't feel comfortable with who they are. And so, if anyone ever has a problem with someone else, I ask you to look at yourselves first -- what is it about you that you have a problem with?"
Laverne on Cox when two men harassed her on a New York City street.


Why is ESPN reporting on Michael Sam’s Locker Room Shower Habits?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tweet of the Day: Brian Brown