Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Interesting Quote: Jason & David Benham

"As our faith comes under fire – with today’s attack on religious liberty – we must remember that God uses fire to purify our faith. Fire draws a line in the sand: Are we in or out? With Him or against Him? There is no in between. We’ve heard some say, 'I’m just riding the fence, sitting quietly, waiting to see what happens.' To them we respond, 'The devil owns the fence. Choose which side you’re on, and jump to it. Besides, you can’t stand strong on top of a fence.' The Supreme Court’s ruling on gay 'marriage' made it painfully obvious that religious liberties, especially for Christians, are now in the cross-hairs of the militant, secular agenda that is fundamentally changing our country. This means we need to get off the fence and stand up. We’ve got to decide beforehand, i.e., today, what we’re going to do when our faith is actually under fire."
Girls, please.


South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright Rants Against Gays During Confederate Flag Debate

This fool right here

Monday, July 6, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner writes about her journey and her Responsibility to the Trans Community

Caitlyn has teamed up with WhoSay to post a series of letters about the transgender community. Today is her first post

Caitlyn Jenner: The Journey Begins

Hi everyone. Caitlyn here. First of all, I want to thank you all for your support. The response to my new journey has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m eternally grateful for all of your sweet messages, letters, and gifts.

Up until now, I have totally isolated myself from the transgender community so I have a lot of catching up to do. I feel such a responsibility to this courageous group to try to get it right and tell all sides of the story. To me, that’s always the biggest question: am I doing it right?

A few weeks ago I had dinner with some of my new friends—a group of six trans women—and I went around the table and asked each of them how long it had been since their transitions. One said 20 years, the other one said 15 years ago…seven years ago…three years ago… They came around to me and I said, “Two weeks.”

Flash forward a few weeks and I’ve already learned so much about this community, the issues, and the people involved. It’s been an eye-opening experience for me—mainly realizing how fortunate I am.

I’ve heard every horror story there is in the book. You wouldn’t believe the types of ordeals these people have had, how they have had to literally fight for their own survival. Many trans teens are bullied and abused in high school. It’s just horrendous. Then there’s the other dark side of this issue: did you know that nearly 25% of the women in high-end sex business are reportedly trans women?*

Seeing how my new friends have overcome their adversities is such an inspiration. They are so well-adjusted and smart. I’ll be sharing their stories here in the coming weeks and I can’t wait for you to get to know them. They are just like you and me.

This is the first in a series of editorials where I will discuss the serious issues and lessons that I am learning through this process. I have so much to discover and hope that you’ll join me on this adventure.

Let’s live our true selves and make a positive difference while doing it. – Caitlyn

Atlanta Fire Chief Fired For ‘Anti-Gay’ Views ‘Absolutely’ Wants His Job Back

After being fired for writing an anti-gay book and joining hate groups to fight against marriage equality, former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran thinks he deserves his job back. He feels that he's being punish for being a bigot  a man of faith.

Go here for more

Shots Fired! Donald Trump goes in on Jeb Bush's Wife

So this happened.

Donald tweeted this 'nice' tweet about Jen's wife.
He later deleted it, but it was already too late. I think this will be the moment Donald gets pushed out of the GOP.

For The Blue Lagoon 35th Anniversary, Christopher Atkins Returns to the Island

Old school hottie Christopher Atkins returns to the famous island of The Blue Lagoon. Here are a few pics (Thanks, People Magazine) of Christopher hanging out at the isle.

Christopher is still a hottie. Would like to see him in more stuff... and if he's running around in a loincloth, that's fine.

Question of the Day

What was your first album?

Rick Santorum: Undocumented immigrants 'obviously are coming with a bad intent'

Friday, July 3, 2015

In Tennessee: County Clerk’s Office Resigns over Same-Sex Marriage

The employees fools at the Decatur County clerk’s office quit their positions because they don't want support gay marriages. These clerks: Gwen Pope, Sharon Bell, and Mickey Butler quit their jobs for religious religious reasons. I guess it's too sinful to issue a marriage license. Is your faith that weak?

Well, I hope their religious reasons will feed their families and pay their bills. Seriously, these broke ass reasons are ridic at best. They think they're being honorable, but in reality, they are stupid as f**k.


James David Manning: Confederates To Storm DC To Stop Gay Marriage