Monday, May 30, 2016

VIDEO Bigots rant and rave in Target

Here are more fools yelling in Target over the bathroom policy

Interesting Quote: Barney Frank

So, Bernie Sanders tried to get Barney Frank thrown out of the DNC Convention role. The DNC denied Bernie's request, but Barney had some words for Sanders:
"The Democratic Party. The party that gave this country its first African-American President; the party that is poised to give this country its first woman nominee of a major party, very likely its first woman President; a party chaired by a Jewish woman; a party which features the first openly gay member of the United States Congress on the party's rules committee; isn't "progressive" enough, or inclusive enough, according to a 75 year old straight white male, who "white flighted" his way out of the most ethnically diverse city in the country, to the whitest state in the northeast United States, and who just passed his 1 year anniversary of declaring himself a member of the party, that he thinks that he is the only fit candidate to be the party's nominee for President. A nomination which if he can't secure it by the ballot, has threatened to secure it by lawsuits, and more than just hinted at violence.
Am I getting this right?"

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lord, WATCH this Steve Harvey interview with Bishop Eddie Long

Louie Gohmert: No Gay Space Colonies!

This fool tho

Dallas BBQ Fight lands "Attacker" in Jail

I really don't know how to feel about this.

A New York State Supreme Court jury found Bayna-Lehkiem-El-Amin guilty of attacking Jonathan Snipes and his boyfriend Ethan York-Adams with a chair in Dallas BBQ last year.

I've posted the story then and was concerned with the facts. At the time, it was stated that Bayna-Lehkiem-El-Amin attacked the couple as a hate crime. There were no facts to prove this, just Jonathan's words. Instantly, many gay blogs took his side, even though no evidence supported Jonathan's claims.

Later we learned that Jonathan started the fight with Bayna-Lekheim. Bayna struck back, yes the chair was over doing it, but he was fighting back. But to see that he's going to jail and Jonathan gets nothing for starting the fight is bonkers to me. Because of his drunkenness and stupidity, Jonathan and his man got their asses beat. I'm not condoling violence, but if they would've gone about their business none of this would have happened.

Bayna is now convicted of attempted assault in the first degree, and assault in the second degree. I don't it's fair that Jonathan got nothing.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

FIRST LOOK at X-MEN A Gay XXX Parody is doing it again with a XXX version of the X-Men.

 If you're curious, go here to see the first trailer

Trump and Bernie might Debate

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Trump said he would debate Senator Bernie Sanders before the California primaries. It seemed like a joke, but he said he would do it if the price was right. Jimmy offered on behalf of of ABC to have the network pay for Trump's part, and give the money to charity.

Soon after that, Bernie Sanders accepted the offer.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. ABC paying for Trump's part is a bit much. They act like he hadn't been an asshole in this election. And Bernie... I can't.

This sensationalism over politics feels cheap and WWE-ish. I hope Hillary stays far from it.

'Wonder Woman' film will have $100 Million Dollar Budget

This is interesting.

Wonder Woman will be the first female led film with $100 million to play with. Also, it's one in few helm by women directors. The other directors are: Kathryn Bigelow for "K-19: The Widow Maker", Lana Wachowski with "Cloud Atlas" and "Jupiter Ascending".

Sadly that's it, hoping to see women of color take on a huge budget like this.