Monday, June 30, 2008

Apocalypse Warning

In two different cities, around this time of the year, I was reminded by two different homeless men that the Apocalypse is coming. Now, I'm sure they tell everyone this stuff everyday. But what if they are aware of something we're not. The 1st message was in NYC in 2005, the second was today in downtown L.A. Again, within the same week, 3 years apart.

The homeless prophet told me that I will see the signs on T.V. and I will know when I see them. I wasn't given this much info from the NYC guy. So, I start to ponder on the signs and I think I figured them out.


The Lair

Family Guy

Deep V-Neck Shirts


Yep, with these images on the tube, the big bang is inching closer and closer. I'm a believer.


Greg said...

I like Family Guy. As for the rest, well, I can see the apocalypse coming. Especially if McCain wins in November.

Invisible Woman said...

Funny! (especially the V-neck madness)--but I agree with Greg; I like Family Guy, and McCain is the scariest thing on planet Earth right now.

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