Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Haters are Marching In

As much to be expected, the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will be mad as hell on Obama's big day. They have asked for their herd to wear black armbands and fly the American flag upside down during Obama's 1st day in office.

I understand their worst nightmare is happening. A cultural diverse man is taking the president's office. This is something they never wanted to see. But it is happening and they can't take it.

Should we be worried about them? Maybe. I can't imagine that a attack plan hasn't been discussed. But the Feds are out there, making sure nothing goes wrong. Other teams are checking the nets to see if any foolishness is festering in there.

Still, I'll be worried until the party is over. More people have joined these race hate groups since Obama gained big numbers in the polls.

CNN hits me with more info about this rise:

While experts said it is difficult to determine how many people belong to hate groups, they do agree with an SPLC estimate that claims there are about 900 operating now, a 40 percent increase from 2000. The vast majority of these groups promote white supremacist beliefs, and range from skinheads living in urban areas to the KKK ,which is based largely in rural settings.

It is difficult to pinpoint how many people subscribe to white supremacist views, because the Internet allows people to follow the movement under the cloak of anonymity. Leaders of the white supremacist movement are able to use their Web sites to reach a new subset of potential followers and push their racist rhetoric to the limit without outright calling for violence.

Levin said one challenge in protecting Obama is that the identity of a potential attacker would likely be unknown -- a person who believes in white supremacist ideology, but decides to act as a lone wolf.

Threats of violence are more likely to be found on Web sites that allow posters to remain anonymous.

Most white supremacist leaders have been careful in what is posted on their Web sites, "hyper-aware that they are being watched," Potok said.

But not all white supremacist leaders are mindful of their actions or care to be. Two months before the election, American National Socialist Workers Party head Bill White posted a magazine cover on his Web site featuring a picture of Obama in the cross hairs of a rifle scope with a headline "Kill This N-----?"

White is now in jail on unrelated charges that he "threatened use of force against" a juror who had helped convict another white supremacist as well as several other charges of making threats to unrelated victims.

Racism in the U.S. "remains a real problem" even though Obama won the White House, Potok said, and he predicted that hate groups will continue to grow during Obama's presidency.

I would like to believe things will change, but stuff like this makes me doubt that. However, I will hope for the best.

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Anonymous said...

They're all ignorant fuckheads. Look, I know and you know the only thing that's truly different between white and black is a couple of genes that get expressed a bit differently.

And that difference in expression? That came about as a result of geography.

Therefore racists piss me the fuck off, plain and simple.

Get over yourselves. Darker skin is a protective feature against UV exposure, nothing more. Same as how if you have one copy of the gene for sickle-cell you're protected from malaria, or if you have the CCR5 Delta 32 mutation you're immune to HIV.

It's all about genetic expression.
And there isn't one that is better than another.

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