Monday, January 26, 2009

Breedlove's Tale

Beau Breedlove is the other man in this Days of Our Lives gay drama. He finally talks about what happened with his former lover-ish, Sam Adams.

He said that Adams kissed him twice when he was 17 and they had "crossed the line" toward romance earlier than Adams has mentioned. Which is not so good for Adams.

Beau went into detail about their 'moments', saying they kissed on the lips on two occasions, once in a car and the other in the men's room in City Hall after a party.

Now, they didn't have sexual stuff until he was 18, and Beau welcomed the relationship. So in some ways, he knew what he wanted. I mentioned before if I had any chance with my older crushes, I would've done it. Hell, at 14 and had relations with a 19 year old. So I could understand Beau's point of view.

Still Adams should have known better. Here's more from Beau:

Breedlove on Saturday said the two met at the state Capitol while he was an intern at the Legislature and Adams, then a city commissioner, was meeting with lawmakers. He said they exchanged numbers and Adams eventually invited him to lunch in Portland.

They ate at Macaroni Grill in downtown Portland in May 2005. Breedlove says Adams asked him how old he was, and Breedlove told him 17.

Adams was surprised. "I don't date people that young," Adams says he told him. Adams has said that once he learned Breedlove's age, he told Breedlove that he wouldn't get romantically involved.

Breedlove, however, says that after the lunch, Adams offered to drive him to Union Station so he could catch a train back to Salem. He says that while stopped at a red light, Adams leaned over and kissed him.

"I saw it as a friendship that had crossed the line a couple of times, but I saw it as a friendship," Breedlove said. "When I say cross the line, I don't mean as an unwarranted or unwanted affection. I just didn't see it as something with any potential. ... I saw it as that was the line that we had crossed a couple of times, was 'friends' to 'friends with benefits.' "

"Friends with benefits" is usually slang for friends who engage in sex. Breedlove reiterated that the sexual part of their relationship didn't begin until after he turned 18.

Breedlove celebrated his 18th birthday on June 25, 2005, at his parents' house in Salem. He invited Adams, who arrived with a friend.

Breedlove says he and Adams agreed to have Breedlove come to Portland for the night two weeks after his birthday. He said they went out to dinner and spent the night at Adams' home on July 9, 2005. Breedlove said he planned to leave the next day, but his plans changed and he remained in Portland. He stayed at Adams' house a second night. Breedlove says their only sexual encounters took place that weekend.



deathtotroybolton said...

Humm, what a mess. Looks like someone wants a bit of attention, and I'm not talking about the dog!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

BreedLove? Is that his name?

John said...

Beau Breedlove... lets get that boy over to Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody STAT!

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