Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LGBT Community of Portland speaks about the Mayor & Minor scandal

Lordy, Lord Sam. Since he came clean about his affair with the young boy, Portland's LGBT community feels betrayed. I knew there would be some drama, you can't keep everything hidden forever...and unfortunately, something like this.

OPB News and Queerty shared bitter feelings from the LGBT community:

Kimberlee Van Patten said, "Here we are standing on the mountaintop, with our black president and our gay mayor, we were going to get this done, you know? And now I just feel like we've totally been let down."

"We spend our whole lives trying to convince everyone that we're OK, that we're not broken or wrong. And -- I don't care who he slept with -- but he lied! That's the part I can't get past. He got elected under false pretenses, 'cause we didn't know the truth, and now we have to deal with it."

Ryan Schultz "He was trying to break down that stereotype, but in fact he's building it up by lying about it."

Many people in the room said they were upset by Adams' judgment, both in getting involved in with someone so close to the age of consent, and in lying about it.

Many also said they needed more details before they could make up their minds. But some in the room said they were aware of the moral weight Adams carries, as the first openly-gay mayor of a large metropolitan area.

Here's Sammy's press conference, (thanks Queerty)

Mayor Adams meets with Oregonian editorial board part 1

Mayor Adams meets with Oregonian editorial board part 2

Sammy said he will not resign, but he will try to right the wrongs. But I think it's too late. The timing of this couldn't be worst. With the country's love/hate reationship with us, we need to show that we are responsible and sensible. I understand the age thing and get that these things happen. Hell, I'm sure at 15, if my hot PE teacher ask me for sex, I would've done it. However in an important role such as mayor, he should've taken the high road.

A gay person in power is always watched and judged. You have to be at your best and on top of your game. What Sam did will be a weapon used against us and I wouldn't be surprised if American Family Association or any other anti-gay groups start attacking Portland. Thanks Sam, you have cracked the dam with this one.

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