Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mike Jones...We should reach out to him

Mike Jones is known as the man who exposed Ted Haggard. He's also known as an escort who probably used this opportunity to make money. But do we really know the truth? Do we care to know? We should, because we are doing him a disservice by casting him out to suffer.

I was attracted to this story from a fellow blogger and bud, NG who talked about Mike Jones in his great blog. Later, I started reading more about him and then Queerty presented this article today. He went through a lot, after the Haggard Affair and instead of reaching out to him, he was shunned.

Most gay people said he was a media whore and wanted so much power. But I can't believe he would purposely put himself through that to gain Gay Superpowers. Funny, most of the hateful commitments were about his 'escort' past, but really, most of these same guys would fall over some twink, straight hot male or porn star(usually they are one in the same) in a hot minute.

I think we should reach out to Mike Jones. What he did was good for us, that church, and Ted Haggard, even Ted would agree. Mike should be welcomed in our community. Hell, who are we to judge him? I'm sure some of us have been down that road of sexual/self-hate/religious madness. We need to bring him in and help him. Mike needs us. We can't let him do this alone.

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