Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Falling of Sam Adams

Sam, Sam, Sam...things are not looking so great for him.

Within the 48 hours, Oregon's attorney general decided to investigate Sammy on his affair with Breedlove. Then a couple of newspapers are calling for him to resign, including the LGBT newspaper, Just Out.

Just Out acknowledges that over his two decades as a public servant Adams has risen to become one of Oregon’s most revered openly gay leaders. This publication has long admired Adams’ vision, his intelligence and his tenacity. Ultimately we have concluded that these qualities cannot overcome the weakness revealed in Adams’ recent admission.

Adams’ apology of yesterday, including specific reference to the gay community, while sincere, is not enough. The bond of trust and confidence has been broken. Adams has previously stated his hope that gay and lesbian youth might one day look to him as a role model and example. His own actions have now rendered this implausible.

Adams must resign his seat as Portland’s mayor.

This is sad because he's done great things, but this issue has almost destroyed those deeds. I'm in the middle about him resigning. In one part, this has nothing to do with his work, but at the same time, he will represent the negative views of gay men and the lying part ain't cute.

However, there are folks who will still stand by him and they are rallying up to show their support tomorrow at 5:30pm at Portland City Hall.


Anonymous said...

As I noted elsewhere, the issue for me is that another gay man, out of desperation maybe, called another man a pedophile and child molester in the hopes of winning an election.

That I find more offensive than Adams and his relationship with an eighteen year old.

ka-os said...

My grasp of this whole thing is a little shakey - was the lover underage or wasn't he? Different sites say different things. Or is it just the fact that he asked the boy to lie for him?

So disappointing, one of us falling like this. It gives the bad guys another stick to beat us with. However, the man is only human, and does any of this really matter? Does it impair his abilities to perform his duties? I don't think so. And shame on Just Out.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I thought Sam Adams was a beer... Who's his successor? Bud Wiser?

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