Friday, January 16, 2009

Watchmen Drama Settled...maybe

Warners and Fox finally hashed out their issues and resolved (we hope) the Watchmen movie drama.

Here's the drill:

Fox will not be an active distributor of the flick, but will receive up to 8 1/2% gross participation in the movie and a piece of every goddamn thing around the movie, meaning sequels or spinoff, and a cash payment upfront including recoupment of its development costs and attorney fees, and the cast next set of kids.

Also here is a statement from the studios

"Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox have resolved their dispute regarding the rights to the upcoming motion picture Watchmen in a confidential settlement. Warner Bros acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography. Fox acknowledges that Warner Bros. acted in good faith in defending against those claims Warner Bros. and Fox, like all Watchmen fans, look forward with great anticipation to this film's March 6 release in theatres."

I hope this truce will last

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