Thursday, January 22, 2009

Supporting Actors Rule!

Congrats to the Supporting Actor/Actresses in today's Oscar nominations! Heath for The Dark Knight; Viola Davis, Doubt; and my girl, Taraji P. Henson, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

And speaking of Button, this movie has 13 noms followed by Slumdog Millionaire with 10 noms. However, poor Leonardo DiCaprio; he was shut out from any noms, and The Dark Knight didn't get the best movie nod, but that's okay it was still a good movie.

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Son of Baldwin said...

I'm actually disturbed by Benjamin Button's success and nominations. It, for me, reaffirms that America loves to confused patriarchy with humanity and the mammy stereotype with black womanhood.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the stereotype of the role, Taraji acted her heart out and deserved her nod. She deserves a nod for pretty much everything that she does so I'm happy...

And for Viola, and Heath, and Penelope, and Michael Shannon, and Melissa Leo! These nods were good for the under-the-radar actor!

Eric Arvin said...

I love Viola Davis. It's great seeing her get such attention.

Son of Baldwin said...

I disagree. "Regardless of the stereotype" is a dangerous thing to say, particularly when it rewards limitation and balks at progress.

Hattie McDaniel's Mammy in 1939 and Taraji's Mammy in 2009. This is the mark of how far we've come in 70 years of film? And you're happy?

Yikes! I'd hate to see what would make you sad.

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