Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Official: The American Family Association is a Threat to Society

They have been that annoying pop-up ad in our lives for a good minute. I can't believe some their boycotting foolishness: Pepsi, McDonalds, your Mama, everybody. Now, the Florida chapter of the American Family Association is calling for an advertiser boycott of Sordid Lives on LOGO.

What? Why? That our channel, right? Well, this mess comes from David Caton, a member of the Florida branch of AFA:

"They have a program that is called Sordid Lives, and it's described by TV Guide as 'a comedy about dysfunction in a Republican Baptist Texas family, much of it gender bending,'" he describes.

According to a Florida Family release, the show depicts various members of the family as lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgender. Among the program's sponsors are Memphis-based St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Children International.

"As a matter of fact, St. Jude Children's Hospital was one of the most frequent advertisers on the five programs that we monitored on LOGO, and Children International has been consistent for about the last three months," he contends.

Del Shores, the show's writer, left his wife and two daughters to marry his homosexual partner. Communications from Florida Family to LOGO have gone unanswered, so Caton is calling on the general public to send emails to advertisers.

Well, that's none of your business what Del did. Please let me know why you need to put his stuff out on front street? And are you jealous he didn't run off with you? This is almost catty and small of you, David. So petty.

So with this stir of drama, star and producer of Sordid Lives, Jason Dottley had something to say

I hope Obama's peeps keep a watch out on this group of fools

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Oooops... Typo in the title... "Amercan"! Although the i is a silly letter anyway and Amercan does have a specific dialectic ring to it....

Like the song:

"I'm proud to be an Amercan..."

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