Thursday, January 22, 2009

J. Crew is cashing in on the Obamas

This is something fun. As soon as the first girls came out in their J. Crew-designed coats, the J. Crew company website crashed from folks wanting those cute coats.

But many was disappointed when they learned they were made just for Malia and Sasha.

However no worries, the Crewcut kids line carries the same coat style, just not the colors of the girls' coats.

Funny, they are already becoming fashion plates before they're teens. Michelle, keep them in check.

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Marker said...

Michelle, keep them in check.

Something tells me that Lady Michelle (yes I'm copying you because I love that) will do just that.

I adore S & M (Sasha and Malia!), and while I love seeing them, I want them to be protected from the vile right wing haters and their media whores who were so cruel to Chelsea Clinton.

Again, something tells me that mom and dad (and grandmother) will see to that.

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