Saturday, January 31, 2009

TV Channels that can Die

With the multimedia falling apart like good BBQ pork from the bone, I think it's time to get real. There are several TV channels and a network that can bite the bullet HARD and possibly put some money back in the Big Media's pockets.

So I have some ideas on have to save the dying multimedia.

  • Kill MTV and give it a Pheonix Effect: Return MTV to it's natural state of VJs and videos. If they do this, maybe folks will try to get their videos on the network versus Youtube. Some of us grew up watching the latest videos and performances. If MTV drop the dumb ass reality shows and promote artists and real music, they would save tons of money.
  • Drop CW: CW isn't making much dough. The network has been struggling for a while and is not making a bump in the big swing of TV. So move Supernatural and Smallville to Fox, move the American's Next Top Model and The Game to Bravo and WE, and drop the rest. Maybe they can put the other shows on the WB web channel.
  • Entertainment channel must die: E! and other entertainment channels can cease to exist. We can get the same info from blogs.
  • LOGO can go: This channel could be better, but it's not. They can save money if they join Bravo.
  • Here!: A stain to the gay community and common sense...Die!
  • Nickelodeon: At this point PBS, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network can handle it all by themselves.
  • American Idol: Not a network or channel, but it acts like one. It's still gets big ratings but their winners lose their contracts. It almost has no purpose anymore.
  • Spike TV: Men watch porn for free, ESPN for sports and Cinemax for action movies. Why go to Spike TV?
That's my ideas, crazy, but possibly helpful if considered.


Anonymous said...

NOT! NICK!!!!!!!!!!! BUT BYE BYE CW!!!!!!!

Eric Arvin said...

Some pretty good points here, actually.

thegayte-keeper said...

I agree with what you are's as if these exes don't pay attention to the viewers anymore

Self Defense Produsts said...
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