Thursday, January 15, 2009

Could the Annual Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend kick off a not-so-cute year for us?

*Warning* I'm ranting, so you are warned.

As Obama becomes the next President, an orgy of leather will be happening almost across the street.

Yes, the Mid-Atlantic Leather (basically a huge sex party) will be in town and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Peter LaBarbera, big boss of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, has begun his 'attack'.

Peter got a hold of the info involving the details of this event:

We’ve now got a KILLER line up of DEMOS, including super skilled rope bondage, sounds play, and flogging. LIVE Music and Sound is gonna be provided by THE BLACK PARTY DJ Rich King. So you can suck, fist, rim, and [f–k] TO THE BEAT. 15 Slings, Piss Tubs, Rimming Stations, a Bondage Cross, and a Flogging Station.


We have just received word that the Doubletree Hotel has a few rooms remaining. Call the hotel at 1-800-492-5195 and ask for the Centaur Mid-Atlantic Leather room block. [Centaur is a D.C.-based homosexual sadistic group]

Maneuvers Location

This Maneuvers is a PRIVATE and INVITATION-ONLY event. It will be held at the nearby Doubletree Hotel, located at 1515 Rhode Island Avenue NW. Go to the Second Floor, which is where all the Convention Rooms are.
We are the only event on this floor and our desk is in view of the elevators.

Door Times

The Maneuvers will be held on Saturday, Jan 17. Doors open at 10pm and will close at 12 midnight. No admission after 12. Play continues until 4am. …

Attitude Code

Masculine, friendly, and ready to play. Spectators who wanna run their
mouths and socialize are not welcome at this event. We are here to
enjoy the company of MEN and to [F–K] our brains out. …

Invitation Only

All pigs must be on our email list and pre-approved to receive an Invitation…

Then after he received this info, he march on over to the hotels, where the debauchery will take place. Not only did he warn the hotels, he took all of this info and posted it up on his site, including hotels and their parent companies. As you will see, he is trying to shut it down. Peter will probably fail, but he could accomplish a huge powerful goal.

This could be a start of backlash for us. I know we have these 'parties', but this one is too close for comfort. This is not to far from Obama's inauguration. This could our Senator Robert Kelly (sorry, X-Men reference) that tips the scales from us to the kooky conservatives.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of these type of events. These events can set us back and almost unravel our argument for marriage and basic civil rights. I think we should celebrate our sexuality, but I don't want this to bite us in ass...I could go into a rimming joke, but I won't.


David Dust said...

Conservative assholes can't have it both ways - if they want us to be morally upstanding citizens, then let us marry. Until then, let us fuck/suck/etc. when/where/how we like...


Anonymous said...

I don't know. They're paying the hotels, it's done indoors so I don't really see the harm in all this.

I did email LaBarbera and told him to essentially shut the fuck up.

deathtotroybolton said...

There's kinky straight sex fiend parties like these too.

What people fail to realise is that homosexuality isn't related simply to sex, but rather to identity. A sex party isn't the spokesperson for every queer person on the planet.

Until they continue to supress homosexuality and we have the stupid "Wait until you're older" line of reasoning, stuff like this is going to carry on at a larger scale. If you fail to allow platonic and early non-sexual notion to develop in adolescents, the cup justs runs over once they become adults.

Wonder Man said...

I know it's no harm, I just feel there's a way this could come back and tear down our hard work.

Todd HellsKitchen said...


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