Friday, January 23, 2009

What's Happening in Greenwich Village?

My buddy David Dust posted this earlier and I was appalled. I can't believe this happened in Greenwich Village!

Please look at this mess

Is this guy stupid? Please have him banished to Isle of Fools


Queers United said...

He is a moron and a racist bastard, I hope he goes out of business.

calicolyst said...

Yes, that is stupid, but it explains why Klan members can't fit into their robes anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm just shaking my head here. The video loads slowly but I got the critical points.

I don't generally advocate violence but I hope all his windows get smashed.

And there has to be a "Cracker" tag somewhere on the remaining glass.

Ray Avito said...

Yes, the Isle of Fools! Besides, I look nothing like that when I'm drunk. Except for maybe the red eyes...

deathtotroybolton said...

"he called them drunken N-Word cookies"

"You sure he used the N-Word when he described those cookies?"

That's hilarious.

Just goes to show though, the only three certainties in life are birth, death and human stupidity.

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