Friday, January 16, 2009

2nd Horror Movie of 2009 SUCKS to the 10th Power

My Goddess, what demon do I have to conjure to get a good Horror movie up in here!
I knew I was wasting money doing this, but I thought 'what the hay' have a open mind. Well I did and I should have kept it closed.

My Bloody Valentine 3D should've stayed on the craft table. In fact, it should not have been a remake, this could've been something else, but it still would've been horrible! The story was wack like crack and the killings were dull and comme ci comme ca. It was also boring, I almost fell asleep twice.

The story made no sense. Harry's trapped in mine, then wakes from a coma and kill an entire hospital, then attacks a teen party and then the main man goes crazy from dealing with Harry. Comes back after 10 years and kills folk for no reason. Oh, there's one black cop and Latina housekeeper who gets killed via dryer. This movie insulted me and my love for Horror....I need a drink after that foolishness.

But Jensen was cute. He's such a hottie, but it wasn't enough. DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE, see the original...It's better.

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