Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kirk Cameron keeps Stomping all over my Heart

Once a star in my erotic nightmares, is now just a huge disappointment to watch. Kirk Cameron, who's been brainwashed (I really believe that) is going around campuses, talking about creationism and mess.

Kirk is trying to save us from "lies" by giving out revised editions of Origin of the Species on college campuses.

He also went on UCLA's campus to do more "saving". See here

He really needs a tight grip and slow hand. That could release him from this religious madness.


Michael Rivers said...

I wonder what happened to him? Something had to. He use to star in my dreams too. Not anymore.

Kyle said...

I think he used to star in a lot of our dreams. ;)

Stan in NH said...

Several years ago, with nothing else to do, he claims he found God. He's a Right Wingnut Christian now and has been for quite a few yeaqrs now. I have a story about this on my blog, too. Check out my "Leave it to Seaver" post from Nov 21.

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