Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Quick review of Levi's Playgirl Spread

So after seeing these Levi pics, I have to say they were okay. However, here's my bullet point review.
  • He has a lot to learn if he's going to be putting out there, but it's a decent start.
  • Levi is a bit lean for me, but he's still cute.
  • His butt is too flat, I wish there was more.
  • His eyes are nice.
  • I wish he was a little more playful.
  • Levi was more twink and less Cornfed... I wanted Corn!
He has time to improve. I wish him luck.


Eric Arvin said...

I don't see the attraction to him. I mean, he's a nice looking guy. Pleasant face. But...meh.

Mechadude2001 said...

Yeah, i want more cornfed, more beef. And he wasn't playful at all.

Allan S. said...

It's a wrap for him. This was the highest note he could hit, and it fell sorta flat. He's has nothing more to give in order to maintain his C list celebrity status.

I wish him well. He's just a kid really. It's not his fault he got taken out of a very small town and thrown into the national spotlight, and got addicted to the fame.

BTW I heard his mother was sentenced to three years in jail for the drug dealing. So sad, and the timing could have not been worse. He's is going to need good ol' mom to help transition back to life in Alaska.

Christopher said...

I think either he's boring or the photographer had no energy. These don't impress me. Plus, I like my men with a butt.

givepeace05401 said...

I have to agree with all of your points. Just image if he were laughing and just having fun with this whole thing. No matter the outcome people would have laughed with him. Instead not only are the photo not flattering, but they border on being sad.

Who knew a professional photo shoot could yeild such poor photos.

ToddyEnglish said...

I agree with Eric Arvin. Uhm, when I saw him naked I was like "Big deal." furthermore, his ass is flatter than a pancake.
This is what you get for being famous for getting someone's daughter knocked up.

J. Clarence said...

He's no model. That's for sure. And it was pretty mediocre spread.

He's your average looking cute High School jock. People expecting to be blown away should have known better. He's just average, in that average cute way.

His spread in GQ was better.

Marker said...

Your review is perfection! Full agreement. The Playgirl spread is total meh.

Too bad we do not get to see the meat. Although, perhaps he will beef up the bod a bit (or a lot?) and re-emerge, phoenix-like, in full full-frontal splendor? That would be nice.

Gorgeous eyes, though.

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