Monday, November 30, 2009

*Spoiler Alert* Iron Man 2's War Machine is...

In an interesting reveal, we now know who will be War Machine in Iron Man 2.

Spoiler Alert

Don Cheadle

See here
It's not clear if Marvel Studios wanted this out right now, but I guess it's too late.



Anonymous said...

I don't know that it would be much of a spoiler really, everyone who is a fan knows Rhodey is War Machine.

There was also that little joke in the first movie, where he looks at the suit and goes "maybe next time". :)

Mighty Kwan said...

No Jonathan I think he is talking about it being Don Cheadle instead of Terrence Howard. But it's been public that Don was taking the role for quite a while now. Almost as soon as Terrence got dropped from the sequel.

Speaking of Don Cheadle I was watching some old Video Soul stuff on televison and the video for Angela Winbush's-The Real Thing came on. And look who was a prominent backup dancer in the video, Mr. Don Cheadle!!! From backup dancer to prolific actor. WOW!!

So of course I ran to YouTube to find it for ya!! Here ya go!!

Chris said...

Actually, it sounded to me like that first comment was correct in assuming he did not know War Machine was played by Rhodes. If you read the comics or know about Iron Man's history, it's not a big reveal. I don't think they ever planned on making it a big reveal, it looks like they just assumed everyone knew.

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