Friday, November 27, 2009

Boy Kisser or Girl Abuser... Take your pick

Well, as soon as I heard the news I knew there would be some smoke in the city.

ABC has booked Chris Brown perform on GMA and to talk about the abuse to Rihanna. However, fans of Adam Lambert are furious.

ABC has booked Rihanna-beater Chris Brown for an interview and a performance on "Good Morning America" -- right after the network canceled guy-kisser Adam Lambert.

Brown will do a taped tell-all with Robin Roberts, followed by a performance of songs from his new album. But TV insiders say the appearance, slated to air the week after next, has outraged feminists and gay activists who wonder why a convicted girlfriend abuser is more palatable to the network than an openly gay man who broke no laws with his raunchy performance on the "American Music Awards."

I can understand the anger, he attacked Rihanna more than once and that incident is not easy to forgive. Plus, the message that sends to the public very mixed. I'm curious to see how this plays out.

Was ABC thinking at all about this format? How could they not see this coming? And although folks deserve a second chance, is this too soon?

I think this is too soon. Chris needs counseling and time away from everything. He needs to truly understand the impact of his actions. And ABC needs to understand theirs as well.

P.S. the source is from Fox News. Love how they describe this.


Anonymous said...

This is a stupid choice. Chris Brown did what was necessary to put his bitch in her place. Rihanna deserved what she got and Chris has nothing to apologive about. I got nothing but lov for him.

truthspew said...

Wow, nice misogynistic comment from an anonymous writer.

That said, yeah it makes a clear example of the double standard that still applies in society where a criminal is given more deference than a gay person.

Joy said...

Good point, WM. Way too soon!

Howard said...

Indeed, I think it is too soon for Chris Brown to be speaking to anyone. He needs to go away and come back with a 'new understanding' of what he did. It is quite unfortunate GMA booked him.

ToddyEnglish said...

Okay, what that anonymous person wrote offended me...Not only as a Rihanna fan but as a human being! Sick, SICK, SICK!

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