Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks, Champ

This is the cover for The Outsiders #24 the Blackest Night tie-in
Apparently, something big happened it and now it's sold out everywhere.

The minute I heard it was sold out, I spent about 3 hours driving around L.A. searching for this comic.

After coming up short at the bookstores and comic book stores, I decided to hit the news stands.

One in particular, is located next to The Grove, however due to the holiday sales craziness, parking was close to impossible. I drove around in circles, trying not run down families or stupid drivers in this parking lot. About 30 minutes of endless circling, I almost gave up, until I heard a voice say, "Got any spare change?" A homeless guy was standing next to the news stand asking anyone for change. Then it hit me, this guy could help me and I can help him.

I called him over to my car, asked for his name and asked if he could run into the news stand "store" and look for The Outsiders comic. His name was Champ. I told Champ I would pay him to do it since I couldn't park anywhere.

He was shocked that DC Comics still made The Outsiders (It's been around for 20 years). Champ told me that he read it when Batman was a part of the group. That really made me feel good because he knew what I was looking for. Champ went inside to look for the comic, but it wasn't there.

I gave Champ 5 bucks and thanked him for his help. Without him, I would've kept driving in circles. I told Champ that he saved me a lot of time and I greatly appreciated the favor.

So after the exchange, I headed home. I hope Champ used the money for something good. He really helped me out today.

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Mechadude2001 said...

I'm not feeling the blackest night story, but after all you went thru, i want to know what happened in it.

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