Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Justice begins for Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado and Jayron Martin

Great news for the families and friends of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado and Jayron Martin.

The Puerto Rico Department of Justice has agreed to investigate Jorge's murder as a hate crime. This is big in Puerto Rico.

Jorge was horribly murdered by Juan Martinez Matos, who claimed Gay Panic.

Jayron Martin, the teen who was beaten with a pipe because he was gay, finally has some movement in his case. According to Rod 2.0, one guy has been arrested and possibly charged with an assault and a hate crime.

I hope Jayron and that teen gets some type of counseling for all of this drama.

Tnx to Rod 2.o for finding the info.


Kyle said...

V, I was so happy to see that they were going to pursue this crime as a hate related crime.

I hope the two of you have a terrific holiday!

Marker said...

Dog dammit this "gay panic" bullshit is So Fucking Tired.

Next time a girl hits on me I'm cutting her head off 'cuz she thinks I'm straight.

lelocolon said...

Trust me the hate is real. It is institutionalized.

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