Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 more cents on the Adam Lambert Drama

Something just crossed my mind as this whole Adam Lambert drama spills all over the place.

Regardless if he faked a blow job or kissed a guy, the networks sent a strong message to our community.

It feels like they're saying our "affections" are dirty, not suitable for TV or taboo. To blot Adam's kiss, says to me, a gay male kiss is wrong and should not be seen.

Maybe I'm way out on this matter, but I wonder how the LGBT youth are taking this. Some of them are really struggling with their sexuality and looking for some sense of clarity. When the major networks blot out Adam kissing a guy, what do they think that says to the LGBT community?

I truly hope ABC & CBS realized the impact of this foolishness. This could do more harm than good in the long run.


Eric Arvin said...

It's very disappointing.

behrmark said...

I don't remember there being any signs of "us" on television or in motion pictures when I was struggling with my sexuality. There was no mention of "gay" or "homosexual." I may be cynical in my thinking but in my opinion, everyone wants to make it "easier" for today's GLBT youth. There are far more resources available to them than there were in my day. Adam's kiss is blotted out? They'll get over it.

Junior said...

It's annoying but it's also a matter of context. Yes, ABC and CBS blotted the kiss out but I saw it in full on HLN and CNN the day after and it's not like kids watch network anything anyway. Everyone who wanted to see it on YouTube already has.

I agree that most gay kids like me grew up without needing a "role model" or validation from the mainstream, but it is annoying considering that girl kisses are always shown and are considered titillating. Everyone needs to get over themselves...

Mechadude2001 said...

For me, it's not just a concern of the youth. It's media deciding certain sexuality is not appropriate. It reinforces all this Red State, Beltline, Church Group, RIght Wing ways of thinking. It's media cowtowing to many special interest and hate groups.

Mainstream media would never make a statement of dissapproval against Mormons, Polygamy, Catholics (even after the Priest Scandal), Holliness Churches (with all that shouting), etc.

ToddyEnglish said...

It isn't about gay youth for me, at all. It is about gay men in general. Yes, it is fine, sexy, hot, sensual, and titillating when two women kiss (or even have sex)on screen. However, if to men even hold hands it's, "EEEEEEEEEEWWWWW That's an abomination before god!" Yes it is a complete double standard and I'm glad it is finally being pointed out.

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