Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Word from Brian Brown

Dear vik, 
For months and months, NOM has been fighting hard to protect marriage in Illinois.
That's why, with less than ten days left to go in the legislative session, gay activists are still scrambling to twist arms and strike backroom deals in Springfield. 
Yes, even in this deep blue state where Democrats hold a supermajority and the governor is pushing for gay marriage, we've managed to stop them in their tracks — at least, so far.
NOM has joined forces with the African American Clergy Coalition and other allies on the ground, investing upwards of $125,000 to support a variety of activities including calling the constituents of wavering Representatives, alerting the citizens of Illinois to the threat to marriage in their state, and helping them take action to protect marriage." 
We are achieving results, but we have so much more to do. 
Dear vik, it's make-or-break time in the Land of Lincoln!

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truthspew said...

They tried the same thing in RI and DE and they lost anyway. I think people finally understand what they are - an anti-gay group filled with animus for the entirety of the LGBT community.

And that doesn't sell too well anymore.

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