Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Memorial Service in Harlem for Mark Carson

Today, friends and family gathered at the Unity Funeral Chapels in Harlem for Mark Carson's memorial service.

He was remembered as a loving, partying guy who cherished the people in his life.

NYT reports:
Some details of his life emerged. According to the program, Mr. Carson graduated from Legacy High School and attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He gave himself the nickname Envy for the way he entered a room, convinced that everyone envied him, said Chris Sandford, 26, who said he and Mr. Carson discussed dating but never quite got there. 
“He had the best relationship with his mom,” Mr. Sandford said. “I’ve never seen anyone that close.” 
Krystal Martin, 28, who lives in the St. Nicholas Houses, described Mr. Carson as “like a big brother,” adding that he was well liked by everyone, gay or straight.
Mr. Carson, she said, was mostly discreet about his romantic life. “He’d go on little dates,” Ms. Martin said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “He was very private about that.” 
His family accepted his sexuality, said Karen Grant, who knew Mr. Carson’s mother since they were both pregnant together. “Your family is your family,” Ms. Grant said. “They all loved him.” 
He had discovered Greenwich Village in high school, heading down to the Christopher Street piers or the after-school program at the Harvey Milk High School on Astor Place, a public school known for its welcoming of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. 
“He introduced me into the whole gay culture,” Alonzo said in a telephone interview before the funeral service. On these travels, he said, the threat of violence “was never a thought in our minds.”
RIP Mark Carson

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Damien said...

So very sad.

Blessings for his family and loved ones.

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