Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Poll: 59% Americans find the GOP UNFAVORABLE

Americans are not feeling the GOP.

In a new CNN poll, 59% view the GOP unfavorably and the number of favorability falls at a new low of 35%. Funny, because the GOP don't get it. They are still using old tactics, like teaming up with the Tea Party. They need to understand that most Americans don't like them either, so the bad tactics ain't winning them any points.

Another piece of the poll shows that 42% believe that the GOP is overreacting over the IRS drama. Which is key, since the GOP knew about this for over a year!

Maybe the GOP should try another plan, because none of the scandals or team-ups are working.



Bob said...

Knock me over with a father!

R.J. said...

Not surprised. There's only so many racist, white people to pander to.

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