Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheerios Ad stirs up Racist Backlash

What in the fu*k?

A new Cheerios ad featured an interracial family talking about life. But for some odd ass reason, stupid racist freaks posted a bunch of racist statements on YouTube.

It was so bad that the cereal brand pulled comments from their YouTube page.

According NY Daily, folks wanted to vomit, talk about Obama's master plan and some Nazis mess.

Is our country that ignorant?


R.J. said...

Let's see here. Some of the most backwards states finally allowed interracial marriage like forty years ago and they're pissed off because interracial couples have offspring?

Lord, I wish I could slap some of these morons upside the head.

behrmark said...

People are stupid.

OSR said...

To answer your question - no . If our country were THAT ignorant Obama would not have been elected twice. The problem is that the internet gives the handful among us who are the most ignorant a global forum for their stupidity which makes them look more important than they are.

truthspew said...

It is willful ignorance.

And there is a VERY strong undercurrent of racism in the United States. Only occasionally do we get to see it rear it's ugly head - like the comments that were posted on this video.

As a white guy I'm highly offended by racists. Maybe it's because I don't consider skin color to be a limiting factor, it is a genetic adaptation to environment.

And I'm reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me." I'm at the chapter between the civil war and reconstruction. It makes me want to invent a time machine, go back and advise Lincoln to kill every living white soul in the south. I say this because we're still living with it today due to our failure to understand history, and due to what I termed above, willful ignorance.

And if you think the above is bad, as someone with Mohawk ancestry in the mutt mix I want to go further back in time and tell the native Americans not to help the European settlers. And maybe, just maybe, I'd bring back weaponry maybe an ICBM or two.

People don't know this but estimates but the native indigenous population of the continental U.S. at 20 million people. That's 20 million people the European scum (Got that in my ancestry too!) killed.

LuCiFeR A said...

I did not see any racist acts, the only thing that troubles me is that a lots white women who have biracial Black kids don't know how to do Black hair. This commercial was good info.

Tulsa588 said...

In the comment above truthspew is not thinking big enough. We should go back even further and kill all the apes so human beings will never exist. Or go back even further and save the dinosaurs from that comet so mammals will never rise to power. You see how ridiculous that slippery slope is.

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