Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Two and Half Cents about Same-Sex Marriage and the Immigration Bill

Most may know that the LGBT binational couple amendment in the Immigration Bill was taken out yesterday. It was done in order to get the bill passed and into law.

Many gay activists were highly upset and blamed everyone under the sun. However, I looked at this very different than most.

Yes, it is truly upsetting that the couples will face difficult matters if this bill passes, but if you look at the bigger picture there are some winning pieces. There are over 260,000 undocumented LGBT people that will gain some rights in this deal. They can actual be someone recognized in our country. Many people don't realize that the undocumented have NOTHING. They are here, usually by no fault of their own, trying to work, live and for some, earning an education. Many of them are afraid to come out because it can be used as blackmail or some other insidious act which threatens their safety.

A few years ago, I was fortunate to hear the personal stories from the LGBT undocumented youth at Netroots Nation. Through those stories, I gained a bigger understanding of what we are fighting for and what's really at stake. It was there, I realized they needed our support and our vigor for civil rights.

And this is not just for the LGBT undocumented, this is for all of them who are here. When you look at the bigger picture, this bill will save lives, and revive the hopes and dreams of many citizens. As an activist, I have to see that, I have to fight for that. So when I see folks 'flip over tables' about the couples piece, I have to remind them this is not the end. If we get all broken up at this point, we lose focus. This is an ongoing battle... It is a civil rights battle. And none of these battles are clear wins or losses, they are just continued.

I didn't get upset over the loss because I saw what we will gain. If this bill passes, thousands of LGBT undocumented people will finally have a shot at life. If I just focused only on the LGBT binational couple amendment failure, then I have forgotten why I am an activist.

Here's some perspective

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