Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jonathan Capehart reminds Everyone why the Path to Equality is Ongoing and Winding

This week has been eye opening about how folks handle wins and losses in the fight for equality.

Honestly, it's been powerful and yet, disappointing to see how others get derailed and a bit myopic instead of motivated and energized for change.

However, yesterday on MSNBC, I was pleased to see Jonathan Capehart sum up the reality of the civil rights battle. What he said is totally how I feel, check it out:

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Bob said...

I can kind of understand the disappointment some in the community feel this week.

It seemed we were on a roll with same-sex equality becoming legal in a few new states and then there was this derailment of sorts in the immigration bill.

But we can't win every fight.

We have to watch the bigger picture.

Things will get better.

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