Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is the 10th Anniversary of the Series Finale of BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER

I think it was one the best series ever made.

10 years ago we watched the final episode of Buffy as she saved the world from the First.

That was a hard season because you knew it was over. Everything they went through came together in this final clip above. It was a great series, and there will be nothing like it ever again.


Rusty said...

I have seasons 1-5 on DVD but haven't seen 6 or 7 since they stopped being played on basic TV

Too many feels

Lucifer Arnold said...

I ws Buffy on Netflix and I lost a little interests in Sarah after finding out she is a Republican. I realize I am going to far but after the TEA surfaced I was right at home in my thinking.

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