Monday, May 20, 2013

Beyonce is NOT Pregnant

I knew it, but many didn't.

Rumors were all over the place about Beyonce being pregnant. It started with the tired gossip blogs then, some decent gossip blogs and then E News.

However Jay-Z broke the news to Hot 97′s Program Director Ebro.

This is from the auto on the Hot 97 site
Well, I emailed Jay-Z , to congratulate him and then he hit me back and said ‘It’s not true.’ Like literally, it had to be Saturday afternoon, so it had been a whole 24 hours of it’s true. 
Cipha Sounds: What was his direct quote 
‘It’s not true, the news is worse than blogs,’ so no baby yet. 
That’s what the email account said unless he’s been cat fishing me the whole time for the last five years.
Well, there you go.


R.J. said...

So we can lay off on trademarking every baby name out there before she does?

Bob said...

Well, I guess I can continue not caring about any of those people.

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