Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Attacks in NYC Gayborhoods

Three more people have been gay-bashed since Mark Carson's death.

Dan Contarino was jumped last night at Avenue D and 4th Street. And a gay couple were attacked between Prince and Houston streets early this morning.

NYPD are beefing up patrol in the NY Gayborhoods: the Village, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen. Fam please, be safe and careful walking the streets. I can't believe this happening in the I love.



Anonymous said...

These animals should be grateful we don't make a habit of jumping straight people for not reason than for being different than us.

Lucifer Arnold said...

I would like to know if these guys are from America who are doing this,because of late there have been Muslims slowly taking over in small parts of the cities of America and trying to enforce their beliefs on people. Guys please for give me for saying this but I fucking hate Muslims and their beliefs.I feel they are killing folks in America and it is not being reported.

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