Friday, May 24, 2013

The Murderer of Mark Carson uses the Sexual and Drug Abuse Excuse

Elliot Morales murdered Mark Carson this past weekend. He shot Mark in the head and later, laughed and bragged about it.

Yesterday, he was supposed to be in court. He didn't show, however his attorney did and he claimed there were reasons why he killed Mark.

NY Daily News reports:
The lawyer, Kevin Michael Canfield, later said Morales is not guilty of the slaying and is "devastated by the charges." 
"He didn't murder anybody," Canfield said, suggesting there were other factors at play."He was sexually abused as a child by a male authority figure which led to a lifetime of alcoholism and drug abuse," Canfield told the Daily News, adding, "It's a terrible tragedy."
How dare this attorney take this route? It is the biggest and worst excuse used every time murders like this happens. Many people have been sexually abused, but they don't turn into murderers! Elliot murdered Mark and was proud of it!

I don't give a damn about his hardships. It is the cheapest of excuses, and we should not let him hide behind it!


Lucifer Arnold said...

I would just love getting that murderer and stick a curling iron up his ass . I wonder if he is a muslim or foreign?

kayman said...

There are those whom still 2-step their asses behind their bigotry with "whoa is me" bullshit. I'm not here for that bullshit and any justice worth their title ought to charge this bastard with 1st degree murder (Murder 1).

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