Friday, May 17, 2013

Scandal! Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails! -WATCH

Funny what a few days reveal. After causing all of this foolishness over Benghazi, the truth is coming out.

Looks like the GOP is behind this

I hope to hear more about this


Lucifer Arnold said...

I stopped jumping the gun a long time ago because I ws too judgemental
in most cases.

Lucifer Arnold said...

The GOP are liars and the more I think about this act ,I am slowly losing my respect for authority. Some heads should be rolling by now. What gives?!!

kayman said...

No surprise at all! There are so many members of the GOP that possesses such an anti-Obama and anti-black animus that it is obvious what links they will go to implicate him in anything. They will be their own undoing.

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