Monday, May 27, 2013

The Dating Game - Post 1

The dating world is something else.

The good news is there are guys who are interested.

The bad news is these guys are not ready.

What do I mean by 'not ready'? Well, they are seriously missing something or really off the system. Now, I know we are all flawed, no one's perfect. But really, after the age of 35, you got to have something going, right?

For example, I've met guys who not financially stable, living with upteen people and no car. They want someone with all those things they don't have, and yet, have no plans to achieve those things for themselves. Then, you have the guys who lie about everything. One particular guy was trying to impress me with his knowledge of Nicki Minaj. Only his info was totally wrong and made up.

Another guy needs to have sex first to see if a friendship would work. Mind you, this is for friendship.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from season 2. I'm meeting people, but the wrong ones. I really hope I can find the fun guy that can be a friend first and something more later.

I know I may sound like a Snobby McSnob, but it shouldn't be too much ask for a decent guy... Right?


R.J. said...

This is not too much to ask. This is EXACTLY what you should be asking for.

I tend to not date for the same reasons. Most guys I meet are only interested in hooking up. Most women I meet tend to judge me for my lack of height or for not having a lot of disposable income. I fell the former to take a hike, and I tell the latter to get a job.

Hang in there. It's better to be single than stuck with someone who's not heading in the same direction as you.

Bob said...

The decent guys are out there.
You'll find one.

Blobby said...

I'd be just as worried if a guy bothered to know all he could know about Nicki Minaj - whether the facts were right or wrong.

SEAN said...

One of my bbf's in grad school was a 35 year old woman who refused to date any man who hadn't been divorced or widowed by the age if 35ish. Her feeling was that if he hadn't been in a significant relationship by then he was never going to be and thus was not dating/marriage material.

As much as I think I want and desire a life with another man, I've come to accept the fact that it hasn't happened and therefore it's not in my future and I'm ok with that.

I wouldn't turn it down, but I'm just not stressing over it anymore.

Prince Toddy English said...

Chile you don't sound like a snob. You have standards!
"Girls" like us are too valuable to go giving away our goodies willy nilly.
Good for you! =0)

K. Clark said...

Sounds like you want someone who has at least a steady income and isn't interested in only hopping into bed before learning your last name. Doesn't seem snobbish to me at all.

And since when did absolute knowledge of all things Nicki Minaj become a badge of honor? Diana Ross yes, but Nicki Minaj:).

Jezza said...

I know you've been out of the scene for a while, but if finding the right guy were that easy - everyone would have someone.

2nd - you live in LA. ALL of the things that are difficult about dating are multiplied by 100 in LA. I can't think of a harder city to date in.

...oh wait - Miami. Miami is a harder city to date in haha!

Immanuel said...

Can I say an amen to thag Bobby? LOL. And hang in there and dont settle for what you dont want.
Immanuel at

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