Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Top Movie Characters who could've been Charlie's Angels

I'm thinking to crazy today.

Imagine if Charlie could recruit these women to be Angels, how fun would it be to see these particular women saying "Good morning, Charlie!"

Check them out, after the jump.

Torrance from Bring It On

Stoney from Set It Off

Mayday from A View To A Kill

GoGo from Kill Bill

Angel/ Molly from Angel

Nomi from Showgirls


Rusty said...

Nomi from Showgirls? Guuurl you must be going crazy!
Jada is a yes but Gogo? Nah. she's just crazy and probably wouldn't take orders that weren't "maim and kill everyone"

K. Clark said...

Not sure if Nomi can hang. Jada would be fiyah and Gogo would definitely be a wild card.

Grace Jones as an angel? YAAS!

But no Foxy Brown?

R.J. said...

I don't think Nomi would cut it. I know I could see Annie Walker from Covert Affairs and Lt. Kate Beckett from Castle in it. Those two are badass and beautiful.

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