Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gay Man was Shot Dead in Greenwich Village

Horrible news from NYC. Recently, the city has been experiencing a lot of hate crimes toward gay men. Late last night was really bad.

Here's the scoop:
A gay man was shot dead in Greenwich Village early today after he was chased out of a restaurant and called homophobic slurs, authorities said. 
The 32-year-old Brooklyn victim was shot in the head at about midnight at West 8th Street and Sixth Avenue and died at Beth Israel Hospital. 
His name was not released pending family notification, cops said.
The gunman ran five blocks before cops collared him at West Third Street and MacDougal Street, according to police radio transmissions. 
The shooter appeared crazed and confessed to the shooting after he was nabbed, a police source said. 
“It was a quickie. He shot him and he went straight to the ground,” said a bouncer at a nearby club. 
“Half his body was lying on the sidewalk and half was on the street.” 
City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn said she was horrified by the attack. 
“There was a time in New York City when two people of the same gender could not walk the street arm-in-arm without fear of violence and harassment,” she said. “We refuse to go back to that time.”
This is the pic of the suspect

more to come as the story unfolds



Lucifer Arnold said...

Safety in numbers when in NYC too.

kayman said...

Common sense has said to me for years NYC isn't a place for LGBTs. I don't care how much the promotional campaigns of saying "NYC is the most gay-friendly city in the US" is the biggest lie I've heard in years. You ought to find more comfort in DC, Atlanta, Chicago, or LA before NYC if you are LGBT because this recent trend of hate crimes is enough proof. Unless you are making 6 figures or more and going to be living the "high life", you ought to look elsewhere aside from NYC.

R.J. said...

I agree with kayman, and it's disheartening because wasn't NYC supposed to be one of those places where you can't have guns?

Rusty said...

RJ is that a joke? do you know what gangs are? Do you think drug dealers and stupid asshole thugs and drunks who want to feel empowered don't own guns here too like any other part of the country?

I walked right passed the Gary's Papaya shown in the pics around 12:30, and went into a Karaoke place not 50 yards away. I was that close to some stupid cunt out to shoot a gay person. How fucking disgusting and honestly kinda terrifying.

Lucifer Arnold said...

The more I hear about this story I am troubled by the act of a bully who tinks he had the right to take an innocent life.

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