Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To Lose An Election in 96 Days

Are you kidding me? McCain, what in the hell are you doing? Are you trying to lose? Who does this type of crap. This is what Perez Hilton would do, not a war vet senator. I can't believe this, I've been away for a couple of days and this is what I have to come back to.


JACK said...

McCain is dipwad. This ad is stupid. I mean, when the two stand next to each other, there's no comparison. None. Obama all the way.

etherealwear said...

So, McCain, "approves this message." WHAT THE HELL IS THE MESSAGE?

And what bizarre footage-- showing Obama with thousands of his supports, and McCain all alone staring into space. What about the "two white girls" and the tight and wide shots of that giant phallus in the background. Call me crazy, but I think I know what's REALLY on McCain's mind, "your campaign is bigger than my campaign." Politically speaking, I think Mr. McCain is indeed correct.

Maithri said...

So very true.

Peace Bro,


Anonymous said...

I am going to say something most people may not have even considered. I am sorry I have to say it but we must be realistic, so here goes: McCain had a spot on the other side of his face. Now I saw him yesterday on television and it looks like there are three. We in this country went through hell when JFK and hs borther died. And MLK. We can't take another presidential funeral. It is true that McCain is old. But he is also a sick man. I don't like his politics, I don't want him to win and I am not going to vote for him. But to those who are planning to I suggest they consider and remember what we have lost in the past. McCain and Cindy should buy an island somewhere and relax themselves. Everytime I see them on tv I think about that. Please voters I am begging you. Don't put us through 1963 again.

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