Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rick Ross is a FAKE, LIAR, and a BIG OLE MESS

Rick Ross is a FAKE! For some reason, he wants to be known as a drug dealing fool, however it seems he never was. The Smoking Gun and Stereohyped found out that he used to be a Florida prison guard. Ross tried to deny it, but TSG confirmed it.

This shows the ignorance and stupidity of these fake hustlers. But it also shows the reasons why Black men are in crisis. In order to be successful in the rap game, he's willing to sell himself as a drug dealer rather than a guy with a honest job. It's disgusting, foolish, weak, and filled with malarkey.

What Ross is doing is so wrong on many points. He continuing the stereotype of Black men, selling his soul for a profit, lying to himself and us, thinking drug selling is the golden ticket, and making a fool of himself. Being a drug dealer doesn't make you a man or someone important. And lying about it makes you look lower than low. I think it's time to put rap on strike until conditions improve.

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