Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scam Drama!

This is interesting and sad. Patric Ian Henn, a Long Beach blogger and Web video producer known as "Boy About Town," was arrested for foolishness. He was receiving funds from the American Red Cross and other relief organizations following the 9/11. Patric claimed that he lost his partner during the tragedy. But, he didn't have one, so he was caught and had to pay back all the money he got.

But he didn't, he moved down here in the area and basically became someone else. However, he was caught and now remains behind bars until his hearing on Aug. 8. Such a shame! Why would he do that, runaway, and then post his silly ass all on TV and the net. This mess-o-man should have known better. Hopefully he can get some help.

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Greg said...

I saw him a day or two before he was arrested, helping with the charity bingo at The Paradise in Long Beach. He managed to get Beth Grant to attend as a guest caller.

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