Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tony Kushner on Obama

Very realistic, finally somebody being realistic.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Kushner is a smart chap

J. Clarence said...

Thanks for posting this, V. It's gonna be the basis for my next piece. I disagree with Kushner's underlying point that President Obama has too much to handle that he can even utter his support for the bills that are already in Congress, because other presidents have achieved more progressive feats in tougher situations (19th Amendment (WWI), the New Deal (The Great Depression), Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Vietnam War), and so on).

The gay community does have to realize that change does not happen over night, but at the same time should not adopt the position of "if you wait your turn eventually we'll get around to it."

On the political side, I know President Obama wants to make these changes, but he is not alone in this. If the election losses in November are as bad as some people suggest they will be, it could set back gay-rights legislation for years, regardless of whether or not Obama wants to make these changes. So like good sex, timing is everything.

Joy said...

Yes, a voice of reason. I totally agree with all he said. I'm upset about education, too. They managed to make NCLB even worse. But I am so glad Obama is in office and know that what he has to deal with is overwhelming in so many areas. I hope he gets a second term, the Dems grow a set, and we do get some changes we need. It's not going to happen overnight or in a year.

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