Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cindy McCain? No on Prop 8?

I just got this from the NOH8 website.

Alright, Miss Cindy.


Eduardo Guize said...

No matter what she's done this for, at least she's done it.

J. Clarence said...

It's great that she is showing her support, but it's kind of politically convenient for her to do so after the election cycle when her husband ran for president and she stood behind a party platform that was in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, without ever suggesting that she has problems with that policy position.

I am glad we can count her as an advocate now, but I am reluctant to believe that when push comes to shove that tape over her mouth won't come to mean something else entirely.

Larry Ohio said...

Cindy's okay. Her husband's a douche, but she's okay.

by Paisley said...

I will say that I CAN understand why she was silent during the campaign, after all, it was Good Ol' Johnny running for Prez, not her.

But I will say, that I would think the NOH8 is consistent with typical Republican views... mainly keeping the gov't out of the private citizen's lives.


Is this for reals?

back2life said...

... ok with Bush's lawyer taking the case of pro gay marriage and now this, anything is possible. Yay for progress

Joy said...

What all of you said.

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